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flexi-hose kit
DIN standard 5-thread connector Fits compressors, pumps, bottles and cylinders and is in turn fitted with an 1/8“ BSP female connector which accepts quick-fill factory probes to fill weapons and will also couple to other hoses or units
€78.00 *
rifle case "aluminium"
For one or two rifles with sights Rigid outer with stiff inner laminates Strong hinges and lockable clasps Inside dimensions: For 1 rifle: 121 x 25 x 10,5cms For 2 rifles: 122 x 33 x 10,5cms
From €178.00 *
rifle case "titanium-look"
For one rifle with sights Rigid outer with inner laminate titan finish with lockable clasps with or without wheels inside dimensions: for 1 rifle: 122 x 28 x 11 cms for 2 rifles: 122 x 33 x 11 cms
From €120.00 *
trigger weight tester
High quality trigger weights manufactured in a stainless steel finish (chrome-plated) for a long service life Used for precise measuring at home, club or during competition Conforms to ISSF regulations, whether used with or without the...
From €47.00 *
flexible rifle support
flexible rifle support Aimed at the disabled, juniors and beginners Supports rifle‘s fore-end on a pivoting mount I.P.C. approved for SH2 and SH1 shooters Strong spring damping to the rifle support bracket Vertical height adjustment up...
€149.00 *
rim-thickness gauge
rim-thickness gauge Measures .22 lr rounds Rounds are placed in a hole and the gauge moved until it stops Once gauged the round is placed with others of the same mark Once batched, rounds have identical head-space and can therefore be...
€69.00 *
senior shooting rest
Designed for the German senior‘s disciplines with a vertical support column and a marked scale carrying a support arm for the rifle to sit on Large, easy to use adjustment wheel for preferred height setting Rigid U-frame base can be...
€149.00 *
foresight for Morini air pistols
forsight element for all Morini CM 162 and CM 200EI. Available in different widths (4,0 - 6,0mm). Length: 8,5mm
€37.00 *
adapter for CLS
With this adapter you are now able to add the CLS for astigmatism correction to your already purchased rearsight iris. So you are still able to use your proven items even if your eyes are getting weaker. Chosing the right adapter depends...
From €15.00 *
handstop "move"
butt plate Multi-adjustable in all directions Pivots for vertical angle, left and right positions and to your preferred distance from the fore-end rail Removable spacer provides two different widths for the thickness of your hand...
€109.00 *
torque wrench
torque wrench A tool no shooter should be without Supplied with 4 bits: SW.2.5, SW.3, SW.4, and SW.5 mm Adjustable from 4-12 Nm Oxidation free and suitable for a lifetime´s use Spare bits available: 706 3/16" bit
€61.00 *
safety cartridge
safety cartridge for calibre .22l.r. Breech plugs have two annular rings giving a snug fit and protecting the barrel against damage The soft nylon cord eliminates damage should the breech be accidentally closed The red indicator is very...
From €7.20 *
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