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Ersatzmanometer für unsere Pressluft-Handpumpen. Ersatzmanometer passend für 3- und 4-Kolben Pressluftpumpe (M100 und M220)
€23.00 *
Hohlspiegel zur Vergrößerung des Spiegelbildes des Zielauges leichte Kontrolle einer identischen Augen-Position bei allen Anschlagsarten gewohnte Zielanvisierung stoßsicher eingefasst in einen schwarzen Aufsteckring, welcher für alle...
€30.00 *
battery holder Morini
The battery holder can replace old 15V batteries. It combines 10 x 1,5 V batteries to substitute old 15V batteries in older trigger electronics. It can be used for powering Morini CM 84E, Morini CM 162EI or Feinwerkbau LP90 electronics....
From €18.90 *
handliche Leuchtlupe mit heller LED-Beleuchtung mit 5facher Vergrößerung Sichtfeld-Durchmesser 72 mm mit verzerrungsfreier Abbildung stabiles Aluminium-Gehäuse neue, übersichtliche Strichplatte aus Acrylglas, lasergraviert hohe...
€91.00 *
plug scoring gauges wooden box
All plugs meet ISSF rules regarding diameter Magnification assists the marker with easier judgement Outward scoring is available for air rifle and air pistol Sprung handle avoid tearing shot holes Magnified available in the following...
From €108.00 *
two stage front sight for GSP
Foresight blade adjustable between 8mm and 9mm Precision levels of repetitive adjustment through the use of precise, mechanical and spring loaded lock-in mechanism Durable and robust aluminium construction suits Walther GSP/GSP-Expert
€60.00 *
Handstop "Basic"
universell passender Aluminium-Handstop mit kugelgelagertem, aushängbaren Schießriemenhalter aus Stahl mit kreuzgerändelter Oberfläche und zusätzlichem Gummiring, um ein ungewolltes Abrutschen auszuschließen einfache Befestigung ohne...
€35.00 *
pellet tin sleeve "strong"
plastic sleeve for loose lidded tins of 500 match pellets Prevents accidental spillage
€6.00 *
buttplate "supported rest"
Vertically adjustable especially for supported rest shooting Unbelievably priced alloy butt plate assembly Suitable for use on all rifles with standard attachment bolts and suitable for a left- or right-hand shooter
€67.00 *
buttplate "Contact III"
A lightweight but universally adjustable alloy butt plate assembly Exclusively made by MEC for Gehmann Retro-fittable to nearly all current production and older match air rifles Can be raised, lowered and contoured to the shooter‘s...
€166.00 *
buttplate "position"
Inexpensive silver & black alloy butt plate, now with a wider range of movement Butt plate base allows height and radius adjustments and has top and bottom legs which may be positioned for angle and length over the shoulder depth...
€107.00 *
Team rucksack
durable 600D material Striped white and grey inner lining Robust and qualitative black rubber straps Special compartment for notebooks with padding Magnetic closures to close the bagpack fast and easy Small pocket at the front with...
€59.00 *
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