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rifle rest "variable"
For resting the rifle between shots Cartridge box may be positioned to suit individual needs Foam rubber padded rest for optimum stock protection Telescopic tubes means stand can be easily packed away for ease of transport Solid tripod...
€135.00 *
rifle rest "aluminium"
New screw-threaded sectional support tubes Easily assembled and disassembled For resting rifle and cartridge box when shooting 3-P Rock-solid tripod base ensures stability and the rifle‘s safety Foam rubber padded rest for optimum stock...
€119.00 *
rifle rest "Gehmann rest"
Extremely lightweight but incredibly robust aluminium construction Synthetic clamps keeps weight to a minimum and prevents marks on the aluminium tubing Weighs only 1440grms Rubber coated rifle rest can be screwed into the top or clamped...
€199.00 *