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valve screw
valve screw
for ventilation - moisture release
€4.75 *
6-colour filter "K31"
For use with Karabiner 31 Incorporates adjustable iris Filters are made of the highest quality optically flat glass in colours: yellow, green, brown, light grey, dark grey and orange Can be used as iris only Easy clean instructions...
€165.00 *
glove "star"
Finest cowhide leather and our top glove Precisely tailored, cut and shaped for supporting the rifle Maximum I.S.S.F. standard width elasticated wrist Large expanses of 'Top-Grip' rubber Attractive finish in black and white For right- or...
€74.00 *
rifle case "titanium-look"
For one rifle with sights Rigid outer with inner laminate titan finish with lockable clasps with or without wheels inside dimensions: for 1 rifle: 122 x 28 x 11 cms for 2 rifles: 122 x 33 x 11 cms
From €120.00 *
rifle case "aluminium"
For one or two rifles with sights Rigid outer with stiff inner laminates Strong hinges and lockable clasps Inside dimensions: For 1 rifle: 121 x 25 x 10,5cms For 2 rifles: 122 x 33 x 10,5cms
From €178.00 *
trigger weight tester
High quality trigger weights manufactured in a stainless steel finish (chrome-plated) for a long service life Used for precise measuring at home, club or during competition Conforms to ISSF regulations, whether used with or without the...
From €47.00 *
sling pulse-free
Completely free inside upper arm contact eliminates possibility of unwanted pulse at the rifle Adjustable round-the-arm cuff Inside and outside cuff swivel attachment points enable any angle of cuff to sling Sling can be detached from...
€150.00 *
rod for bow-iris
Spare rod for bow-iris. Available in 10/32" or 8/32".
€13.99 *
flexible rifle support
flexible rifle support Aimed at the disabled, juniors and beginners Supports rifle‘s fore-end on a pivoting mount I.P.C. approved for SH2 and SH1 shooters Strong spring damping to the rifle support bracket Vertical height adjustment up...
€149.00 *
rim-thickness gauge
rim-thickness gauge Measures .22 lr rounds Rounds are placed in a hole and the gauge moved until it stops Once gauged the round is placed with others of the same mark Once batched, rounds have identical head-space and can therefore be...
€69.00 *
polariser for anti-glare tube
external thread (for additional accessories) and internal thread M18 x 0,5 both polarisation filter are turnable to elminiate reflections and optimize brightness
€47.00 *
anti glare tube with polarizer
Screws onto the front of any rearsight Adjustable twin polarisation filters allow infinite control of incoming light across the whole sight picture With M.18 internal thread for attachment of further accessories
€77.50 *
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