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rearsight iris
Very short and adjustable over the wide range of 0.5 - 3.0mm The fixed-seat iris works with individually pin-located tempered spring steel leaves The aim-point is precisely maintained through the wider range of adjustment by the...
From €66.00 *
foresight iris "two-in-one"
Enables both the internal diameter of the aiming ring to be set as well the thickness of the aiming ring itself Quick and simple to adjust your sight picture Inside iris housing is made up of two separate irises which can be individually...
From €210.00 *
scoring gauge with LED
Handy sized magnifier with bright LED illumination 5x magnification 72mm field of view with crystal clear imaging Solid aluminium housing New, clearly arranged laser engraved reticle out of acrylic glass Extremely accurate and a long...
€91.00 *
plug scoring gauges with wooden box
All plugs meet ISSF rules regarding diameter Magnification assists the marker with easier judgement Outward scoring is available for air rifle and air pistol Sprung handle avoid tearing shot holes Magnified available in the following...
From €108.00 *
two stage front sight for GSP
Foresight blade adjustable between 8mm and 9mm Precision levels of repetitive adjustment through the use of precise, mechanical and spring loaded lock-in mechanism Durable and robust aluminium construction suits Walther GSP/GSP-Expert
€60.00 *
artificial sling micro-adjustable
Manufactured from composite nylons Micro-adjuster for precise length from arm to rifle Micrometrical adjustment easily accessible when in shooting position Cuff can be adjusted to the size of your upper arm with two lock-screws on the...
€77.00 *
full-bore foresight unit
Full-bore foresight unit Thread tunnel on dovetail with 1 1/4" (31mm), fits European match barrels with diameter 25mm (with adapters included .725" (18.415mm) and .812" (20.615mm)) Usable with M18/M22 front sight tunnel through optional...
€265.00 *
mini stick-on adjustable iris
A mini stick-on iris for use on ordinary glasses Improves depth of field Exceptionally lightweight Iris can be radiused round the sticker and rotated around its support post Iris adjusted with a simple twist of its body Exceptional...
€60.50 *
polarisation filter
Iris infinitely adjustable from 0.5 - 3.0mm Two polarisation filters: First ring eliminates reflections and controls white around the target Second ring (with stainless lugs) controls light through the sight and enables varying degrees...
€135.00 *
combination filter
Iris infinitely adjustable from 0.5 - 3.0mm Six optically flat glass colour filters (orange, light green, yellow, medium grey, dark grey and amethyst (purple)) which can be precisely located in position Two polarisation filters 1st bank:...
€183.00 *
poly colourfilter
Iris 0.5 - 3.0mm 48 colour combinations in two rings of six colours Can be used as single or twin banks of six colours: 1: Yellow, dark green, orange, brown, light or dark grey 2: Light blue, dark blue, lemon yellow, red, light green or...
€199.50 *
Iris infinitely adjustable from 0.5 - 3.0mm 6 colour filters: orange, green, brown, light and dark grey Single polariser Can be used as an iris only Laser engraved serial number and indications Removable steel threaded connector Easy...
€177.00 *
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