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foresight iris with horizontal bars
with horizontal bars for orientation iris is infinitely adjustable within different adjustment ranges grants different reactions to different light conditions to adjust to personal preferences M18 fits Anschütz, Walther, older...
From €111.00 *
flexible eyeshield
Easily pushed on to the standard 1“ iris or disc Can be rotated for perfect position Translucent white or solid black I.S.S.F. eyeshields (30mm) Rubber eye cap is comfortable to use and extremely suitable for full-bore use available in...
€12.50 *
eyeshield held in position by its rubber collar which fits around the thread or lock collar of your iris 30mm to comply with ISSF and DSB rules available in black or white
€6.80 *
plug on eyeshield
30mm eyeshield on a push-fit mount for ISSF Can be rotated for perfect position Fits standard 1" irises or discs available in black or translucent
€6.90 *
visor "standard"
Velcro-closure to suit all sizes Soft material, light as a feather available in black or blue
€10.50 *
match-box "Gehmann edition"
.177 pellet flipper box which canbe filled from a tin of 500 matchpellets Lower tray is depressed, latched,then shaken - pellets will dropnose down into 100 holes in rows of ten - ready to shoot, surpluspellets are shaken back to their...
€17.50 *
pellet tin sleeve "soft"
Simple, soft plastic cover for loose lidded tins of 500 match pellets Prevents accidental spillage Protects also other small accessories Available in black, apple-green, blue, yellow, pink and red
€4.90 *
rifle rest "Gehmann rest"
Extremely lightweight but incredibly robust aluminium construction Synthetic clamps keeps weight to a minimum and prevents marks on the aluminium tubing Weighs only 1440grms Rubber coated rifle rest can be screwed into the top or clamped...
€199.00 *
high sight base set "basis"
Vertical lift is 7.5mm Clear laser engraved indications Spring-loaded clamps for positive grip To fit Feinwerkbau and Anschütz match rifles aluminium is anodised in a choice of colours red, silver or blue
€53.00 *
variable-height sight base set
For use on all standard rails Offers several height capabilities in 1mm increments (from 13mm up to 28mm) - in combination with packing discs supplied (4 x 1mm, 4 x 2mm, 4 x 4mm, 4 x 8mm) Includes matching length allen screws to suit...
€83.00 *
handstop "stepless"
Infinitely and stepless width adjustable handstop Unique split-centre clamp makes it possible to profile the handstop precisely to your hand Swiveling laterally in accordance with your shooting position for optimum personalization...
€86.00 *
easy-prime pump "3-stage"
Even easier child friendly priming system Detachable and reversable footplate Pressure gauge can be easily viewed while in use Particle filter and moisture bleed valve on base DIN standard 200 bar 5-thread connector 210cc volume of air...
€169.00 *
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