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clip-on eyeshield for glasses
Designed to match 390 For use by right or left handed shooter Clips to your glasses with a spring loaded rubber clamp Can be easily flipped up out the way for normal vision Available in white-tranclucent or black
€25.00 *
cartridge box tray and case "closed"
The different lines of bullets stand up ready for use The box is closeable and therefore perfect for the transport available in different calibres .22lfb is compatible with trays from CCI, ELEY (with included tray) and RWS, Geco, Lapua etc.
From €16.50 *
pistol shooting shoe "sneaker"
Designed in cooperation with Olympic shooters Rigid, non-slip rubber sole provides an absolutely stable and comfortable standing position Sneaker design inspired by the latest fashion trends Velcro closure straps crossing over the instep...
€89.00 *
foresight unit "rotatable"
For all leading rifles such as Anschütz, Feinwerkbau, Grünig + Elmiger, Steyr and Walther (including spacer if used on Walther) Rotates for cant Set in position without tools Easily readable indication markings due to clear laser...
From €70.00 *
foresight unit "basic"
fits all established sporting weapons (for Walther rifle there is an optional adaptor ø 1,5 mm, 24 mm lang) extremely short (26 mm length) fully threaded and with stop for single elements available in M18 x 0,5 and M22 x 0,5
From €42.50 *
cylindrical lens system (CLS)
compensates astigmatism completely replaces your shooting glasses in combination with our Gehmann diopter available 0,25dpt. up to 2,0 dpt. or 0,5 dpt. up to 4,0 dpt. (we recommend the version "up to 2,0 dpt." for values up to 2,0)
From €120.00 *
flip-up eyeshields for frames
compatible with "Gehmann" shooting glasses flip-up eyeshield with 30 mm to comply with ISSF rules perfect to take the strain of the eye available in black, tanslucent or white
€29.00 *
iris for shooting frames
infinitely adjustable iris to attach directly to your shooting frame glass holder fits Gehmann, Varga or Knobloch shooting glasses available for rifle shooters with 23 mm or pistol shooters with 37 mm diameter
€70.00 *
foresight iris double-cross
Can appear as horizontal bars only, or rotated to show a fine crosshair Supplied with the plastic tool used to rotate the bars M18 for use with Anschütz, Grünig+Elmiger, Walther, older Feinwerkbau and Steyr, etc. M22 for newer...
From €122.00 *
foresight iris with glass
foresight iris appears as a perspex element to get a clear sight picture iris is infinitely adjustable within different adjustment ranges grants different reactions to different light conditions to adjust to personal preferences M18 fits...
€136.00 *
foresight iris with horizontal bars
with horizontal bars for orientation iris is infinitely adjustable within different adjustment ranges grants different reactions to different light conditions to adjust to personal preferences M18 fits Anschütz, Walther, older...
From €111.00 *
flexible eyeshield
Easily pushed on to the standard 1“ iris or disc Can be rotated for perfect position Translucent white or solid black I.S.S.F. eyeshields (30mm) Rubber eye cap is comfortable to use and extremely suitable for full-bore use available in...
€12.50 *
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