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rearsight anti-glare tube with iris
Rearsight anti-glare tube incorporating an adjustable iris Iris mounted so that it can be moved 2mm over 360° for centralising to the eye
€88.50 *
anti glare tube universal "turnable"
rearsight anti-glare tube
€42.00 *
adaptor for rearsight units
steel adaptor
€14.50 *
centering unit for anti-glare tube
centering unit Ideal supplement addition to our new anti-glare tube range, featuring external and internal thread (M.18) to accept iris (55552), polariser (55553) or element holder (55546) below Our new 555-Z has been produced to do the...
€138.00 *
iris for universal anti-glare tube
iris for universal anti-glare tube with
€71.00 *
element holder
element holder M.18 perspex element holder with M.18 internal thread for 55518 (extra), length: 14mm
€43.90 *
rearsight anti-glare tube with internal thread
directly attaches to the front of your rearsight to focus the eye on the foresight and target picture with threaded fore-end for attachment of other accessories with internal thread M.18 suitable for most rearsights (some with large...
€23.50 *
anti-glare tube "slim"
Extra small Can be threaded together to make even more varying lengths Can be used as a rearsight extension Available in 25, 35 or 50mm length
From €14.40 *