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high sight base set "multi"
Infinite vertical lift from 6 to 15mm as 848 but also offering up to 6mm lateral adjustment Easy to lock in position Clear laser engraved indications Matt black alloy
€122.00 *
Screw set "Final"
Ideal for use with 844 Enables quick and easy sight change when time is of the essence
€22.50 *
offset adjustable high sight bases
Offset adjustable high sight bases for shooters wishing to shoot with the opposite eye to their firing position Suitable for left- and right-hand shooters The sight-line bases have graduated steel horizontal rods with engraved marks...
€179.00 *
high sight base set "basis"
Vertical lift is 7.5mm Clear laser engraved indications Spring-loaded clamps for positive grip To fit Feinwerkbau and Anschütz match rifles aluminium is anodised in a choice of colours red, silver or blue
€53.00 *
variable-height sight base set
For use on all standard rails Offers several height capabilities in 1mm increments (from 13mm up to 28mm) - in combination with packing discs supplied (4 x 1mm, 4 x 2mm, 4 x 4mm, 4 x 8mm) Includes matching length allen screws to suit...
€83.00 *